Must Have Budget Prescription Glasses & Where to Find Them

Every glasses wearer has experienced the panic of frantically re-tracing your steps, running back to the coffee shop or scurrying around in your bag because you cannot remember where you put you glasses!

Take my sister for example, she lost her glasses on a short walk around the village with her baby. Don’t ask me how. That same baby is now 6 years old and my sister has only just managed to get new glasses! The reason it took so long to replace them?.. The cost.

I know I am not alone in this.. but the price of purchasing or replacing high street prescription glasses scares me, especially if you want stylish, high quality specs.

I was lucky enough to be able to try out a few pairs of trendy budget prescription glasses to review and I wanted to share my experience.

16735477_10158239933720644_1196719513_o Black Framed Glasses – F26802(C03)

Both brands mentioned offer a range of glasses to include budget specs and designer specs for both prescription and fashion use. You can even pick up a pair of sunglasses (if the sun ever decides to make an appearance).

What you get: Glasses, hard case and lens cloth.
– Tortoise Shell Plastic Frame Glasses £12.00

These have certainly become my go to glasses. I wear them all the time at work and I have received so many compliments – which is always nice. It is important for me to mention that my prescription is very weak and I only have a slight astigmatism in one eye. These do make all the difference however when I feel my eyes getting tired.

I also love the fact that this is a UK based company in Kent, just down the road from me. It is always nice to support a local business.

Check out my full review and first impressions on my YT channel: SelectSpecs Review & Try on.

16776288_10158240176895644_1726857384_o – Savannah P2249 Havana

What you get: Glasses, hard case, soft case, lens cloth & screwdriver keychain.
– Geeky Black Framed Glasses $23.00
– Round Tortoise Shell Wire Frame $29.00

I have tried two pairs from the Firmoo ‘budget’ range and I have been over the moon with the quality and style of both. The second pair I actually ordered with the intention to gift to my sister – the one that sadly lost her glasses on her walk – she loves them! Her prescription is very strong and she says they work perfectly.

A wonderful function that sets apart is the ability to try any pair of glasses on a photo of yourself. This is pretty handy as glasses are so personal to style, face shape and even hair colour.

Check out my full reviews of on my YT channel: Review & Try on & Review and Styling

16763825_10158239933425644_463712374_o – s333/5213


I couldn’t recommend both & more for a stylish affordable pair of glasses. It is super simple to order too, all you have to do is go online, find a pair you love, pop in your prescription details and order your frames.







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