DIY Home Décor – My Pressed Flower Experience

One of my happiest childhood memories was spending time with my mum, grandma and sisters collecting and pressing flowers with the plastic and card kit my grandma had bought us to use over the summer.

We spent almost an entire 6 week summer holiday doing this one year, every opportunity, stopping at the side of the road to delicately pick our next variety. I distinctly remember using pressed daffodils to decorate a framed photo for my great aunts birthday – we were so proud and she loved the unique gift.


I have had an overwhelming urge recently to use flowers again to decorate my home. Unfortunately I am lacking both the patience and the kit that I had before but I thought I would give it another go in the hopes it would add a more natural outdoors in feel to my surroundings. I received a beautiful bunch of flowers recently and rather than let them slowly deteriorate in a vase I picked out my favourites to experiment with.

Step 1 – Picking your key pieces

I recently purchased a copper glass frame and the moment I saw it I thought of using it to display pretty pressed flowers. The frame was only £4 from Homebargains!

Step 2 – Kit free pressing

So I didnt have a kit this time. Instead I placed the flowers in a sketch book, applied weight with a packed file and kept it in the cupboard. It took far longer than I expected for the flowers to dry out. A week for the smaller flowers and about two for the larger.

Step 3 – Fitting your flowers

This was the tricky part for me. The copper frame had been designed to hold a postcard not flowers. I stuck with it though, forcing the glass sheets back into the copper stand – it was interesting.

The result

I am really pleased with the outcome and I love this new piece in my home. It isn’t perfect thats for sure. My finger prints are all over the inside of the glass and my flowers look slightly haggered. I will keep trying and I have no doubt my house will be covered with pressed flowers in no time.

Give it a try yourself. It is a great opportunity to get creative and above all this is extremely affordable.





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