Breakfast at Brew – A Weekend Treat

I kept seeing photos posted on Facebook of amazing, Instagram worthy milkshakes. I assumed they couldn’t be from any where local but it turned out I was wrong. My other half broke it to me that he had know about ‘this little place’ for ages and that everyone at work was talking about it.

So.. I discovered Brew – hidden under an unfinished new build just off of the town centre. We decided to pop down and try it out.

One of the things that really impressed me was the decor. It was minimal, trendy but also welcoming. I spent my time there admiring their gorgeous plant and trying to convince myself I was patient and attentive enough to let one grow to that size..

We didn’t fancy milkshakes that day -probably due to the fact it was 3pm and we hadn’t even had breakfast. The menu was limited but that is to be expected at a place this size. I went for the smashed avo on rye bread (with extra bacon) and Kurtis the all day breakfast – we both enjoyed an iced latte on the side.

The food was delicious! My partner went as far to say it was ‘one of the best breakfasts he has ever had’. Mine came with boiled eggs but they happily let me swap them for scrambled (although I would have prefered poached, I didnt want to push it).

The avocado was well seasoned with lemon and the bacon was cooked to perfection without having to be asked. Kurtis and I like a well cooked rasher with crunch – none of that floppy chewy stuff.

The large breakfast came with sauteed potatos which were honestly incredible. The whole meal was great. The only down fall being that I felt my salad had a little too much dressing.

The bill was around £25 in total which I wasn’t expecting.. But it was worth it for a nice treat. We will certainly be returning and we might even try out their milkshakes next time.






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