The Wallflower Café – Hidden in Herne Bay

We had an ‘out and about’ day at work the other day. Lots of sites to visit, photos to take and quotes to collect. We had spent a short time standing on a hill in the cold, wind, rain on the outskirts of Herne Bay and feeling a little miserable a colleague recommended we take lunch. She had visited The Wallflower Café a few times having worked next door in a previous job and she loved it so we decided to take a trip down.

I was taken to this quaint plant based, vegan café. Although on the High Street it was tucked away out of clear sight and having only visited this coastal town once before, I never would have found it.

The menu was great, a whole variety of options for lovers of clean and healthy food. Having been frozen on the job I decided to pick something hot and what better than my current obsession of avocado on toast – costing £6.00. My colleague went for an avocado and pesto sandwich only £4.00. More of a sweet over savoury person – don’t worry they have you covered there too. A bunch of clean sweet treats were available; the pear and oat cake looked particularly appetising.

The décor was a nice surprise, it wasn’t forced or ultra trendy. Instead it was welcoming and cosy with its wood tables, pretty flowers and chalkboard menus. A homely environment for all, so much so that you could quite easily lose a few hours gossiping over coffee and cake sat on the sofa. It was busy – but not too busy and the friendly environment meant that people were more than happy to share tables if needed (it wasn’t).

This place really is a hidden gem. There were many things on the menu that I would love to go back and try. The food is locally sourced and freshly made which means not only does the menu change seasonally – you get to support local businesses and the local economy whilst enjoying your meal. If you are passing through Herne Bay, live locally or fancy a road trip make sure The Wallflower Café is on your list of places to visit.





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