The Skinny Kitchen – A ‘Smashing’ Lunch

Working so close to Canterbury’s city centre has its ups and downs. It can be incredibly busy especially over the Christmas period and it hasn’t always been kind to my bank balance. On the other hand it has meant that I am able to take advantage of the wealth of fantastic restaurants, street food vendors and cafès the city has to offer.

A colleague (and owner of vintage charm brand Fay Rebecca – check it out) is currently on maternity and having not spoken in a while we decided to go for a catch up lunch with the baby. Being my usual indecisive self I was open in terms of where we should lunch and having spoken about it at work for quite a few months we settled on The Skinny Kitchen.

What a triumph of a decision that was. As always one of the things that struck me the most was the industrial outdoors-in décor. It was like walking into a quirky local farmers grocery shop but staying for a meal. I loved it! I only wish I could execute this so perfectly in my own kitchen.. no such luck with a rented property.

After having spent some time looking over the menu and realising that I only had an hours lunch break I went for the ‘LETS SMASH IT’ – Chili & lime seasoned avocado and poached eggs on sourdough (£.6.95). I opted for bacon on the side for an extra £2 – well worth it.   I must admit it was a difficult choice, although it is a much loved favourite of mine everything looked wonderful. Fay went for the Grilled Chicken Taco Bowl (£11.95) and not only did it taste good it looked beautiful on the plate with its fresh mango and dusting of toasted seeds.

Being on a deadline to get back to work was a shame. The atmosphere was lovely and I am sure we would have felt quite comfortable sitting there another hour or so. The staff were helpful too – they were more than happy to pack my colleagues meal to take away as she had spent the time feeding her beautiful bubba.

Overall I would definately recommend The Skinny Kitchen if you are a lover of hearty, healthy, clean meals. The food is locally sourced and natural too – an added bonus! They can only be found in a handful of places at the moment but if you aren’t as lucky as me to have one on your door step.. it is well worth the road trip! #EATCLEANRAVEDIRTY





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