Hello Fresh – A Taste of Something New

There was a point in life that I really enjoyed cooking and baking. I would make everything fresh and take pride in every dish. I was a student back then, with (slightly) more time on my hands. It wasn’t long after I made the transition from student to full time worker that this dwindled and I saw the real benefit of quick cooking and takeaways.

Finding myself in a rut and always cooking the same dishes over and over, I decided to look into Hello Fresh. I had played with the idea in the past but had never committed. Having investigated further and realising that I didn’t have to commit to a box each week, I took the plunge and ordered my first box. An added benefit – I managed to get it for a great deal and you can too! Just use my discount code – LUCYCAS to get £25 off your first box!

How it works:

Ordering the box was super quick and easy. There are a range of plans available and you just pick what is best for you. I went for the 3 meals for 2 people plan and the Classic Box. They also cater for vegetarians and families, plus the customisation features allow you to request low calories options.

Initially it is designed so that you receive a box every week on a selected date. This would be too much for me – I simply cannot afford it. There is no need to cancel after one box though (I thought I might have to) instead you can pop on the website or download the app and skip the following week, as many times as you like! Just make sure you do this by the Wednesday before the delivery.

The app also allows you to customise your delivery. If you fancy a surprise then there is no need to do this. I popped on the app and saw a list of options available for the week ahead. I was quite content with what they had picked for me but I made one change to include an option I knew my partner would love – I cant be selfish!

Inside the box:

Bad news – I was hoping to do an unboxing for my YouTube channel however the box arrived when I was out and my partner was in. Super keen to impress me he unpacked and put away all of the ingredients. If you aren’t home to receive your box don’t worry – the produce stays fresh due to the reusable ice packs kept in the box.

Inside were three paper bags, each with all the ingredients needed for the individual meals. There was a mixture of fresh produce, meat and dry store. Accompanying the food were three A4 paper recipe and ingredients cards – really handy to keep hold of and pop with your cook books.

My delicious dishes:

As I mentioned I knew what I was getting. I had chosen my dishes on the app before hand – Lamb and Chickpea Curry, BBQ Chicken Ciabatta and a Chimichurri Steak Salad.

Thanks to the recipe cards the dishes were really easy to cook and they took no longer that 30 minutes each. I really enjoyed using the fresh herbs and spices and as you receive all you need there isn’t any waste. I would suggest you read the recipe and ingredients list before starting to cook your dish though. There was one or two ingredients not included such as olive oil, these are things that most people have in their dry store anyway (just not me).

Overall I was really pleased with the service. I only wish I could afford to use it more often. Don’t forget if you would like to try out a box you can get £25 off your first box with my code LUCYCAS – Enjoy x




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