10 Questions I ask Myself Daily – A Quarter-Life Crisis

Since turning twenty five I have started asking myself the same bunch of questions, constantly going around in circles. I see the memes on Facebook about having your stuff together (or not) by your mid-twenties and take comfort in the fact that this must mean I am not alone…

I thought I would share the ‘Questions I ask myself’ or have started to ask myself since realising I am in my mid-twenties and I do not have it all figured out.

1. Should I be a home owner by now?

This has to be one of my biggest worries. Will it ever happen for us? We certainly can’t save enough to afford a deposit – we can’t even manage a weekly shop! Looking back it would have made more sense to stay at home and save, like so many others I see on Social – isn’t hind sight a wonderful thing.

2. Should I be married by now – or at least engaged?

My partner and I have been together for 6 years, we are happy, settled and I certainly don’t see myself with anyone else. Still, we are not married or even engaged. That’s okay though right? Maybe we are just too comfortable now, anyway let’s be real – could we actually afford it?

3. Why isn’t my car cool enough?

Okay I am just going to come out and say it. My car is not cool in the slightest, as unlike any other 25 year old on the planet I have a Ford B-Max. I rushed my driving lessons at 24, rushed to pass my driving test for work and rushed to buy a car. It is what I ended up with and I am left paying a whopping amount each month for a car that is just not pretty.. I care but I don’t know why?

4. Should I be thinking about children?

I have the mum car but not the children to match. Should I be thinking about having children soon? I don’t feel ready yet (nope, no way) but all of a sudden everything I do is part of a plan. I want to be settled in a job, how do people afford to go on maternity? Wow.. is that what childcare costs?!  Am I supposed to pick between children and ever being able to go back to work? Mums are heroes.

5. Am I in the right job – did I make the right career choice?

We all ask ourselves this, I am sure of that. I know what I want from a role and what motivates me but am I ready for the next step? Do you ever feel ready? There is nothing worse than being stuck in a rut with work and thinking you should be so much further along at this age. I spent 3 years working towards my degree, and I did a bloody good job too. Now I worry that it is going to waste.

6. Should I take a step back in the hopes I take two forward?

“A mind full of fear leaves no room for dreams”

It really is a wonderful quote and something I try to tell myself often. I am questioning this a lot at the moment. I just can’t decide whether to stay in a place where I am comfortable but static or to take a small step backwards in the hopes that it works out better in the long term. I am ambitious and eager but also worried about making the wrong choice – *sigh* more career issues.

7. Who should I be voting for – Should I even be voting?

Unless you live under a rock you will know the UK has a general election on June 8th. Oh deary me, what to do? I know who I want to vote for and I know my reasons why but I can’t help second guessing myself. If I am not 100% sure should I even be voting? After all they do say your vote counts, surely you need to be certain. I will be voting by the way #generationvote!

*edit – Reality check. The media keep referring to young voters as 18-24… So I am not a young voter now?

8. Does it matter that I don’t gym?

Rhetorical question. It has to matter a bit – who doesn’t benefit from a little more physical activity? There is certainly more of a hype for this in our generation though. I don’t have any memories of people downing protein shakes and spending a fortune on gym clothes when I was a (real) youngster. I keep telling myself I will try harder – I will be a size 6 again!

9. Why am I literally falling apart? (Over dramatic)

What happened? I feel like I went to bed and woke up the next morning with an achy back and knees that click. Okay I am not falling apart but I certainly am not as sprightly as I once was. I brushed my teeth the other morning and oh the horror – blood! I look after my teeth, I don’t want to lose them! Luckily this hasn’t happened since. Oh and not forgetting ladies – Cervical screenings!

10. Why do I waste money on the lottery?

At last! A question I know the answer to. It is, quite frankly, because I am desperate and hopeful! I have only just started joining in with the lottery. I honestly think it is because I see no other way out at the moment. I finally understand why the counties “adults” partake in this popular past time.

So there it is, 10 of the many questions I have been asking myself since turning twenty five and officially adulting. I might pop back and add some more – there are plenty that is for sure. If you are facing a mid-twenties rut, let me know the questions that roll around in your head.

♡ Remember folks – when in doubt, drink gin ♡




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