Keeping it KITCH – Breakfast for Lunch

Heading out for yet another sporadic work lunch we decided to have a little think about where to go. My colleagues are very much into healthy eating and lately we have been heading straight for Canterbury’s The Skinny Kitchen. However – I am a massive fan of breakfasts for lunch and was sad [devastated] to learn that The Skinny Kitchen had chosen to take their ‘Let’s Smash it’ from the all day menu. With this in mind and also just feeling a change we decided it might be nice to try somewhere new.

KITCH was recommened to us and having quickly checked the menu at work we agreed it was a winner and headed down. Like its neighbour, Kitch has a healthy, hearty menu which boasts fresh produce. It is set apart however, by its local and unique feel achieved by a miss match of furniture and open kitchen.

Thankfully the menu was exactly what we were hoping for. A choice of sandwiches and typical lunch items, homemade sweet treats and – hooray, an all day breakfast menu.

Although my usual pleasure if smashed avo on toast with poached eggs was an option, the ‘KITCH BRUNCH’ caught my eye. A handful of my favourite items all on one plate!

Toasted sourdough, poached eggs, roasted tomatos, hummus, greens, mushroom, avocado & seeds – £8.95. I opted to pay an extra £2.50 for the addition of smoked salmon (because why not?)

Overall, I really enjoyed my meal! I was also impressed by the portion size, plenty of food but light enough to be able to return to work for the afternoon. There is nothing worse than spending the rest of your day stuck behind your desk, bloated and having to losen your trousers.

My colleagues and I will deffinately be returning to KITCH, with so many things on the menu to try it would be hard not to. We may have found our new healthy, homely place to eat in canterbury and I would recommend if in the area, you pop in too.

♡ I have just started a weightloss journey – wish me luck ♡





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